An ernormous range of musical styles and instrumenst have been heard in the House’s rooms and gardens since 1979.

XXVIII International Music Courses at Casa de Mateus 2018

The Casa de Mateus takes up the traditional and famous International Music Courses that since 1978 are among the most traditional and prestigious Baroque Music festivals in Europe. The courses, concerts and conferences take place in the magical atmosphere of one of the most beautiful eighteenth-century palaces in Portugal. This edition brings great names among renowned teachers from previous editions as well as alumni, today with brilliant international careers. For more information, click here.


Master classes and concerts in Early Music, Chamber Music, Baroque Music, Singing and Opera, Piano, Guitar, Jazz and Fado attract leading names in the world of music to Mateus every year, together with dozens of students from all over the world. We have also organised concerts by “our” musicians pretty well everywhere in the north of Portugal. Over one thousand concerts have been performed in one place or another.

We have also ventured into the fields of Theatre and Cinema. Here we have also exhibited some of the most significant Portuguese painters, sculptors and engravers, along with a number of foreign artists.

In 1992, we joined the European Network of Cultural Centres based in Historic Monuments. Following the restoration of the Olive Press House in 1998, we have been able to offer accommodation to artists who wish to come here to work. We are a member of ResArtis – the Worldwide Network of Artist Residencies.

In these ways in the cultural field, the Fundação has fulfilled the mission that it embarked on in 1977. More importantly for this House and those who live for it and this Region, an unparalleled cultural and human contribution has been made by those who have passed through here and have shared with us the subjects debated here, the music heard and experienced here, the poetry declaimed here, and the painting, sculpture and carving viewed here.

The friendships established with so many people and the generous donation of their time has been of immense value. Without these, everything would have been so much less rich.

We hope, with the help of those who form this extended family of Mateus and others who wish to join us, to continue to try to fulfil the responsibilities that D. Francisco de Albuquerque entrusted to us when he established this Foundation.