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The Mini-School of Innovation, which this year will have its 2nd edition, took place from 29th to 31st May. Coordinated by Alfons Cornella, its subject was the creation and exploitation of new business models for Tourism and Agro-Food. During three days, the mini-school offered an articulated programme of conferences and workshops integrated in the Douro TGV programming.

The Mini-School of Innovation is part of the ECO Mateus programme, an initiative of the Casa de Mateus Foundation and UTAD that seeks to encourage a transdisciplinary approach in the understanding of the plurality of opportunities and fragilities faced by the Region, to exercise reasoning on the formation of value from its endogenous resources, to familiarise the Region’s agents with the concepts associated with the management of innovation and to provide tools and train the agents for the transition between research, product development and strategies for their business.












29th May | Civil Government Cloisters | 15:00


New trends in Tourism

Alfons Cornella

public session followed by debate/discussion



30th May | Casa de Mateus | 16:00


New Business Models in Agrofood

Alfons Cornella



31th May | Casa de Mateus | 13:30


New Business Models for Vines and Wine

Alfons Cornella



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